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    Tayfun from Turkey
    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
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    Cristian from Chile
    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
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    Brahim assad from Syria
    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
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Phone Number : 008613923736332
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Flexible Cable Routing Motor Soft Starter for Effective Cable Arrangement
Place of Origin China
Brand Name VEIKONG
Certification CE
Model Number VKS6000
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Carton
Delivery Time 3 days, depend on the order quantity
Payment Terms Western Union, T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, PayPal
Supply Ability 15000pcs per Month
Product Details
Product Name 22KW 30KW 37KW Soft Starter Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 22KW 30KW 37KW Output Voltage 0-380V
Protection Input/Output Phase Protection,IP20,Overload,Overcurrent Protection,Short Circuit Protection Display LCD
Color Silver Original China
OEM Support
High Light

37 Kw Soft Starter 60Hz


60Hz Electric Motor Soft Start


220V 37 Kw Soft Starter

Product Description

220V 380V 22kw 30kw 37kw soft starter 50/60Hz online motor starter



Key Feature


1, Six group parameters convenient in one soft starter to different power motors load.


2, Dynamic fault recording function and Inspecting motor feedback to realize closed loop control to give best motor start up in different conditions and different loads.


3, A variety of ways starting:voltage RAMP starting way can get the maximum output torque;Current limiting can realize biggest Limitations of the Start soft starting current.


4, Reliable quality Assurance:using computer simulation design;SMT Production process;Electromagnetic Compatibility Excellent.

Performance;High temperature aging,Vibration Test before delivery of the machine.



Installation easier

If the motor control center has limited space, using the compact design of the VKS-6000 saves 70% space, eliminates the need for bypassing the contactor, and reduces primary and secondary costs by more than 30%.


Detachable connectors and unique connectors

Plug-in control wiring board, it is easy to install. Just unplug each terminal block, then plug the line back into the terminal block.


VKS-6000 can use the unique flexible cable routing effective arrangement of the cable, the cable can be from the top, left or bottom line.


Real language real-time display


Veikong wants to make your work easy and peace of mind, so SCKR1-6000 in real language feedback, you do not have to check the code to understand what happened. With real-time meter displays and 10 event log records, it has never been easier to track motor performance.



Stop smoother


The CPU also provides precise control of soft stops for applications that require smoother soft stops.

CPU for small inertia loads, such as pumps and conveyors, can greatly reduce or even eliminate the water hammer effect.


Remote monitor installation

With an optional operator panel mounting kit, the operator panel is easily mounted outside the cabinet. If you install multiple soft starters in a single cabinet, this allows for centralized control in one place, with all the relevant information. You can also install multiple monitors side-by-side to quickly diagnose problems. (After installation the protection level is IP65)

Cooling innovation

High speed fan plus out of the wind grille, 360 degrees all-round cooling, when the soft-start fan high-speed operation, soft start and stop the fan chime five minutes to automatically stop functioning, to achieve intelligent cooling, so that users are not wasting every kWh.



Technical characteristics

Six kinds of starting parameters are available to facilitate a motor soft starter to start different power of the motor load;

Dynamic fault memory function, easy to find the cause of the malfunction;

Over-current, three-phase current imbalance, overheating, lack of phase, motor overload and other comprehensive motor integrated protection;

Powerful software features, rich hardware configuration, easy to meet the changing needs of various industries;

Profibus / Modbus two communication protocols to choose from; Compact structure design, easy to install, easy to use;

User-friendly mode of operation, the display interface can be flexibly selected: LED or LCD display. Make the operation handy;

Menu tree grouped by function for easy operation.



Technical Specification




Input Power Supply

Input Voltage

Three-phase 380V/480V/660 AC



Adaptive Motor

Squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motor

Starting Times

It is recommended not to exceed 20 times per hour.




Control Mode

(1) Operation panel control.

(2) Operation panel + external control.

(3) External control.

(4) External control + COM control.

(5) Operation panel + external + COM control.

(6) Operation panel + COM control.

(7) COM control.

(8) No start or stop operation.



Start Mode

(1) Current-limiting to start.

(2) Voltage ramp to start.

(3) Torque control + current-limiting to start.

(4) Torque control + voltage ramp to start.

(5) Current ramp to start.

(6) Voltage current-limiting double closed-loop start.

Stop Mode

(1) Soft stop.

(2) Free stop.







Protective Function

(1) Open loop protection for external instantaneous stop terminals.

(2) Over-heat protection for soft starter.

(3) Protection for too long starting time.

(4) Input open phase protection.

(5) Output open phase protection.

(6) Unbalanced three-phase protection.

(7) starting over current protection.

(8) Running overload protection.

(9) Under voltage protection for power voltage.

(10) Overvoltage protection for power voltage.

(11) Protection for fault parameter setting.

(12) Load short circuit protection.

(13) Auto restart or incorrect wiring protection.

(14) Incorrect wiring protection of external control stop terminals.




Place to be used

Indoor location with good ventilation free from corrosive gas and conductive dust.


Below 1000M. It have to rise the rate power when the altitude is more than 1000M.


-20 +45 C


90%RH without dew condensation.




Protection Class


Cooling Pattern

Fans cooling.


Product Application

3 Phase 380V/440V 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 15KW 30KW 45KW to 500KW Soft Start AC Motor Multi-Function Soft Starter
3 Phase 380V/440V 5.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 15KW 30KW 45KW to 500KW Soft Start AC Motor Multi-Function Soft Starter


Flexible Cable Routing Motor Soft Starter for Effective Cable Arrangement 2

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