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    Tayfun from Turkey
    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
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    Cristian from Chile
    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
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    Brahim assad from Syria
    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
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Veikong VFD580 Variable Frequency Inverters High End Power Range 2.2-315kW
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Veikong
Certification CE IEC
Model Number VFD580
Minimum Order Quantity 2
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Paper or wooden case
Delivery Time depend on the quantity
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 10000+ per/ month
Product Details
Warranty 18 Months HD1 Voltage Range 15-30v
Power Range 2.2-315kw Language Choice New LCD Support Spanish,Russia, English And Chinese
Software OEM Supported Torque Control Accuracy SVC: 8% Within 5Hz,5% Above 5HzVC: 3.0%
Upper Computer Supported Position Control Position Command Supports Internal Position, Pulse Position Input, CANopen Position Command, EtherCAT Position Command (VFD586); Supports Position Fully Closed Loop Mode
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2.2kw variable frequency inverters


high end variable frequency inverters


315kw vfd inverter

Product Description


Product Description:

Introducing the VFD580 Series: A Highly Efficient and Comprehensive Device

Veikong has recently launched the VFD580 series, a device that stands out due to its multiple practical functions. This series is capable of controlling both IM and PMSM motors, providing versatility in its applications. Furthermore, it includes an STO function that ensures the safety of the operator and the equipment.

Apart from this, VFD580 series offers more communication methods, such as RS485, Canopen, and Profinet, allowing users to integrate the device easily with different systems.Additionally, this series is suitable for special applications like fly shear, thus increasing its scope of usage.

In conclusion, the VFD580 series is a highly efficient, safe, and user-friendly device that promises to deliver excellent results in various industrial applications.



Our motor drive has a rich communication method and is compatible with various encoders. The communication method includes Canopen, Profinet, Modbus, and Ethercat. Compatible encoders cover Incremental HTL/TTL, Resolver, SinCos interface encoder, Smart-Abs interface encoder, and SSI/ BISS interface encoder. Our motor drive also supports multiple motors, both IM and PMSM, and offers protection from all sides. Plus, it has a security function, STO, and is user friendly for LCD LED and shuttle display with potentiometer. More importantly, it supports multiple PG card and supports speed control, torque control (SVC and VC), and position servo.



Technical Specification: 

Item  Specification
Speed range 1:100 ( VIf )1:200( SVC )1:1000 ( VC )
Speed control accuracy +0,5%(VIf)+0.2%( SVC)+0,01%(VC)
Input frequency resolution Digital setting: 0.01 Hz or 0.01%Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.025%
Start up torque 150%/0.5Hz(V/f )180%/0,25Hz( SVC)
Start up method Direct start (can be super imposed DC brake): speed tracking start

Veikong VFD580 high end variable frequency inverter


Roving Machine Application Scheme

For roving machines, the application plan revolves around how these machines are used to generate various types of products. The first step is to understand the purpose of the roving machine, which generally includes steps such as winding, spinning, knotting, etc. The second step is to determine the type of materials that will be processed, as this will influence the data parameters used to control the speed and torque of the machine and optimal performance of operations. The third step is to develop the appropriate application plan, which may include programming, testing, and validation of the data.

Warping Machine Application Plan

Application planning for a warping machine generally starts by understanding the purpose and operation of the machine. Then, it requires determination of the type and kind of materials to be processed and the related data parameters that will be used to control the machine. After that, the appropriate application plan should be developed that will contain statements on programming, testing, and validation.

Servo Screw Press Application Scheme

The application scheme for a servo screw press is more specific compared to the above processes. It requires an in-depth analysis of the application purpose of the servo screw press. This can include assessing the materials to be processed. it should also consist of parameters such as force, speed, and torque to determine the exact process the machine will be used for. Another important step is to ensure the programming for the screw press and testing and validation of the control and device.

High Speed Electric Spindle Machine Tool Application Plan

The application plan for a high-speed electric spindle machine tool requires knowledge of the technology used in high-speed spindling. It is important to assess the type and kind of materials to be processed with the high-speed spindle machine tool. Then, the parameters such as feed rate, motion control and indexing should also be calibrated before the design and development of the application plan. Finally, programming, testing, and validation of the machine should be done to ensure its proper operation.

Friction Welding Machine Application Plan

Application planning for a friction welding machine requires understanding the main objectives and operation of the machine. Parameters such as force, speed, and torque are essential to ensure the desired welding operation. In addition, the type and kind of materials to be processed should also be considered in the design of the application plan. Further, the application should include programming, testing, and validating the welding process for proper operation.

Flying Shear Application Plan

The application plan of the flying shear is another complex operation. To start, it requires an understanding of the cutting process. Further, the data parameters must be set according to the type of materials that will be processed with the flying shear. After that, the parameters such as force, speed, and indexing should be adjusted for optimal operation. Finally, programming, testing, and validating should be done before using the machine.



Variable Frequency Inverters

Brand Name: Veikong
Model Number: VFD580
Place of Origin: China
Software OEM : Supported
High speed pulse output: 0-50khz
Torque control accuracy: SVC: 8% Within 5Hz,5% Above 5HzVC: 3.0%
Position control: Position Command Supports Internal Position, Pulse Position Input, CANopen Position Command, EtherCAT Position Command (VFD586); Supports Position Fully Closed Loop Mode
Protection Level: IP20
For flying shear application, STO function available , Temperature sensor port


Support and Services:

Variable Frequency Inverters Technical Support and Service

We provide comprehensive technical support and service for Variable Frequency Inverters. Our technical support team is available to help you with product selection, product installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

We can also provide custom solutions for any application, such as special modifications, integrating different components, or helping you find the right part for your system. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of Variable Frequency Inverters and can help you get the most out of your system.

If you need help with any of our Variable Frequency Inverters, please contact us today.



Q1: What is the brand name and model number of the Variable Frequency Inverters?

A1: The brand name is Veikong and the model number is VFD580.

Q2: Where is the Variable Frequency Inverters manufactured?

A2: The Variable Frequency Inverters is manufactured in China.

Q3: What types of motors are compatible with the Variable Frequency Inverters?

A3: The Variable Frequency Inverters is compatible with most types of AC motors, such as induction motors, permanent magnet motors, and synchronous motors.

Q3: What's the warranty of Veikong VFD580 series? 

A3: Veikong VFD580 series support 18 months warranty, which means we will be responsible for any problems caused by machine itself. And provide free components for repairing with in warranty period.


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