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    Tayfun from Turkey
    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
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    Cristian from Chile
    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
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    Brahim assad from Syria
    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
Contact Person : Terry
Phone Number : 008613923736332
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Wide Power Range Sto Variable Frequency Inverters High End Built In Temperature Sensor
Place of Origin China
Brand Name Veikong
Certification IEC CE
Model Number VFD580
Minimum Order Quantity 2
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Paper or wooden case
Delivery Time depend on the quantity
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Product Details
Input Filter 15kw And Above Built-in DC Reactor Position Control Position Command Supports Internal Position, Pulse Position Input, CANopen Position Command, EtherCAT Position Command (VFD586); Supports Position Fully Closed Loop Mode
Power Range 2.2-315kw Input Frequency Resolution Digital Setting: 0.01 Hz Or 0.01%Analog Setting: Maximum Frequency X 0.025%
Color Light Blue + White Protection Level IP20
GPRS Function Optional Upper Computer Supported
High Light

sto variable frequency inverters


15v variable frequency inverters


30v vfd inverter

Product Description

Veikong VFD580 series variable frequency inverter

Product Description:

Veikong releases VFD580 series with all-round functions

The newly released VFD580 series from Veikong is a one-stop solution for motor control. Developed to be compatible with both IM and PMSM motors, this series is equipped with all-round functions for better performance. It offers excellent safety features with the inclusion of the STO function for providing protection to the operator and equipment.

The VFD580 series offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of communication with the addition of communication options such as RS485, Canopen, and Profinet. It is suitable for different special applications, for example, the fly shear. This feature further adds to the versatility of the device.

In conclusion, the VFD580 series is an optimal choice for industrial applications that require reliability, safety, and ease-of-use. The multiple features packed into this series ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to motor control.



Rich communication method: With Canopen, Profinet, Modbus, and Ethercat, advanced technology is being realized.

Compatible with various encoders: It is compatible with different types of encoders such as Incremental HTL/TTL, Resolver, SinCos interface encoder, Smart-Abs interface encoder, and SSI/BISS interface encoder.

Compatible with multiple motors for both IM and PMSM: No matter you have an induction motor or a permanent magnet synchronous motor, this device is built to work with both.

Protection from all sides: The unit was designed with maximum safety functions from all sides.

Security function (STO): It also has a STO (Safe Torque-off) function for your maximum security.

User friendly for LCD LED and shuttle display with potentiometer: This device is user friendly, providing an LCD LED, a shuttle display, and a potentiometer.

Support multiple PG card: Additionally, structures are implemented to support multiple PG cards.

Support speed control, torque control (SVC and VC), position servo control (PVC and PVP): From speed control and torque control (SVC and VC) to position servo control (PVC and PVP), the functionality is quite abundant in this device.



Technical Speficiation:

Item  Specification
Input terminals Standard:
7 digital input terminals, one of which supports high-speed pulse input up to 50kHz;3 analog input terminals, one supports -10V - 10V input, two supports 0 - 10V voltage input or 0 - 20mACurent input; (VFD586 2 analog inputs, One channel supports -10-10V, and one channel supports 0-10or 0-20mA options)
. 1 motor temperature detection, support PT100, PT1000, KTY84-130 three kinds of thermistor input;SLOT2 expansion:
2 DI digital input terminals (MT580-IOEX1)
Output terminals Standard:
. 2 digital output terminals; 1 of which is a high-speed pulse output terminal (open collector type).supporting square wave signal output from 0 to 50kHz:
2 relay output terminals;2 analog output terminals, 1 0nly supports 0 - 10V voltage output, one supports 0 - 20mA current outputor 0~ 10V voltage output; (VFD586 1 analog output ,Supports 0-10V or 0-20mA options)SLOT2 expansion:
2 digital output terminals (MT580-IOEX1)
Installation location Indoor, no direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt.
Altitude 0 to 3000 meters. Above 1000 meters, reduction in use is required, with a decrease in rated outputcurrent of 1% for every 100 meters increase in altitude.
Humidity Less than 95%RH, without condensing


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Veikong VFD580 Variable Frequency Inverters

Veikong VFD580 Variable Frequency Inverters are the perfect choice for your industrial needs. These inverters are designed with features such as brand name Veikong, model number VFD580, place of origin China, position control with supports for internal position, pulse position input, CANopen position command, EtherCAT position command (VFD586), and torque control accuracy of SVC 8% within 5Hz, 5% above 5Hz and VC 3.0%. Additionally, VFD580 inverters come with a digital setting of 0.01 Hz or 0.01%, an analog setting of maximum frequency X 0.025%, a HD1 voltage range of 15-30v, and a high speed pulse output of 0-50khz.

What’s more, these inverters come with premium features such as STO function available, support for 6 types PG card, and a special independent air duct. With Veikong VFD580 Variable Frequency Inverters, you can rest assured that you have the best inverters for your industrial needs.


Support and Services:

Variable Frequency Inverters are reliable and efficient products that can provide you with the power you need for your operations. We are committed to providing you with technical support and services for these products so that you can get the most out of them. Our team of experts is here to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise and to provide guidance when needed. We offer comprehensive technical support services such as product installation, maintenance, repair, and upgrades. We also provide comprehensive technical documentation including user manuals, online tutorials, and technical articles. We strive to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your Variable Frequency Inverters.



Q: What is the brand name of the Variable Frequency Inverters?
A: The brand name is Veikong.
Q: What is the model number of the Variable Frequency Inverters?
A: The model number is VFD580.
Q: Where is the Variable Frequency Inverters produced?
A: It is produced in China.
Q: What are the specifications of the Variable Frequency Inverters?
A: Please refer to the product specifications on our website.
Q: What are the advantages of using Variable Frequency Inverters?
A: Variable Frequency Inverters have many advantages, such as energy saving, noise reduction, stable operation, flexible speed control and long service life.
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