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    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
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    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
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    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
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Special High Performance VFD Frequency Inverter Three phase Output For Servo Motor
Place of Origin Shenzhen
Brand Name VEIKONG
Certification CE
Model Number VFD580
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Carton and wooden box
Delivery Time 3 days, depend on the order quantity
Payment Terms Western Union, T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, PayPal
Supply Ability 15000pcs per Month
Product Details
Product Name High Performance Frequency Inverter Display LCD/LED
Output Type Three Phase Voltage 380V-480V
OEM/ODM Acceptable Warranty 18 Months
Work For Motors Synchronous Motor, Asynchronous Motors And Servo Motor Control Mode SVC, VC VF
Spindie Position Control Support Color Light Blue
Model VFD580. VFD586
High Light

High Performance VFD Frequency Inverter


VFD Frequency Inverter For Servo Motor

Product Description

Special VFD high performance frequency inverter for servo motor


High performance

  • Drive three phase AC asynchronous motor and permanent synchronous motor, and supports three control modes of speed, torque and servo position.
  • Excellent asynchronous and synchronous motor SVC algorithm can control the speed and torque of the motor with high precision even without encoder feedback, and the low-frequency torque control accuracy is better than that of imported brands.

High reliability

  • 15KW and above models are euipped with built-in DC reactor as standard.
  • 37KW an below are equipped with built-in braking unit as standard, and models below 90KW are euipped with brake circuit short circuit protection function.
  • The whole series is equipped with buffer relay(contactor) abnormality protection circuit as standard.

User friendly

  • All weak current circuit terminals adopt plug-in terminals with humanized identification, which is convenient for wiring and maintenance.
  • Standard one-line incremental encoder interface(with Z input) No need to purchanse PG card separately in common speed closed-loop occasions.
  • Standard motor temperature sensor interface, support PT100 PT1000, KTY84, without optional temperature detection card.

Product specification


Item Specification







Input voltage

1phase/3phase 220V:200V-240V 3phase 400V:380V-480V
Allowed Voltage fluctuation range -15%~10%
Input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz,fluctuation less than 5%
Input filter SIZE C and above with built in DC reactor



Output voltage 3phase:0~input voltage
Overload capacity 150% rated output current for 60s;180% rated output current for 10s;200% rated output current for 2.0s




Control mode

V/f control

Sensorless vector control (SVC)

Vector control with speed sensor (VC)

Operating mode Speed control,torque control(SVC ;VC),position servo


Speed range





Speed control accuracy




Frequency range


0.0~2000.0Hz(higher standard)


Input frequency resolution

Digital input:0.01Hz or 0.01%

Analog input:The maximum frequency is 0.025%


Startup torque





Torque control accuracy

SVC:5Hz within 8%,5Hz above 5% VC:3.0%
Frequency giving ramp

Support linear and S curve acceleration and deceleration;

4 groups of acceleration and deceleration time, setting range 0.00s ~ 60000s


Position control

The position command supports internal position, pulse position input, CAN open position command, ethercat position command (VFD586). Support position full closed loop mode


DC bus voltage control

Overvoltage stall control: limit the power generation of the motor by adjusting the output frequency to avoid skipping the voltage fault;

Undervoltage stall control: control the power consumption of the motor by adjusting the output frequency to avoid skipping the voltage fault;


Carrier frequency

1kHz~16kHz(Varies depending on the type)
Startup method Direct start (can be superimposed DC brake); speed tracking start
Stop method Deceleration stop (can be superimposed DC braking); free to stop
Special functions Built-in delay unit, comparison unit and logic unit, etc., two groups of motor parameter switching, software switching output phase sequence, spindle orientation, online identification of motor parameters
Item Specification

























The following three control panels can be configured:

LED display(MTBOP1);

Shuttle display(MTBOP2);

LCD display(MTSOP1)





SLOT2 expansion:

MODBUS-RTU Communication;

CAN open Communication;

ProfiNet Communication;

thercat communication


Encoder interface


Incremental encoder interface, differential or open collector signal input; differential maximum input

500KHz, open collector maximum input 100KHz;

SLOT1 extension:

Incremental encoder;


Sine-cosine encoder;

Tamagawa Protocol Absolute Encoder






Input terminal


7 digital input terminals and one of which supports high-speed pulse input up to 50kHz;

3 analog input terminals,1 support 0 ~ 10V voltage input and 2 support 0 ~ 10V voltage input or 0 ~ 20mA current input

1 motor temperature detection, support PT100, PT1000, KTY84-130 three kinds of thermistor input;

SLOT2 extension:

1DI digital terminal input(VFD580-IOEX1)






Output terminal


2 digital output terminals;1 high-speed pulse output terminal (open collector type), support 0 ~

50kHz square wave signal output;

2 relay output terminals;

2 analog output terminals,1 support 0~10V voltage output,1 support 0~20mA current output or 0~10V voltage output;

SLOT2 extension:

2 digital output terminals(VFD580-IOEX1)

Protection Refer to Chapter 6 "Troubleshooting and Countermeasures" for the protection function







Installation location Indoor, no direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt.
Altitude 0-3000m.inverter will be derated if altitude higher than1000m and rated output current will reduce by 1% if altitude increase by 100m
Ambient temperature -10°C~ +40°C, maximum 50°C (derated if the ambient temperature is between 40°C and 50°C) Rated output current decrease by 1.5% if temperature increase by 1°C
Humidity Less than 95%RH, without condensing
Vibration Less than 5.9 m/s2 (0.5 g)
Storage temperature -20°C ~ +60°C








Wall-mounted, floor-controlled cabinet, transmural
Through-the-wall (requires optional accessories, see "7.2 Optional accessories for through-wall installation")
Protection level IP21
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Grid system TT/TN/IT (VDR and EMC screws must be removed for disconnection to earth for IT grid systems)


Product picture


Special High Performance VFD Frequency Inverter Three phase Output For Servo Motor 0Special High Performance VFD Frequency Inverter Three phase Output For Servo Motor 1



1. What voltage range can you support?


Single-phase 220v input, single-phase 220v output;
Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;
Three-phase 220v input, three-phase 220v output;
Single-phase 220v input, three-phase 380v output;


2. What is the standard of package?


Below 37kw, it's carton package; 45kw and above, it's wooden package.


3. Do you accept OEM business?


We accept OEM and ODM with your autherization.





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