• Shenzhen Veikong Electric Co., Ltd.
    Tayfun from Turkey
    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
  • Shenzhen Veikong Electric Co., Ltd.
    Cristian from Chile
    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
  • Shenzhen Veikong Electric Co., Ltd.
    Brahim assad from Syria
    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
Contact Person : Terry
Phone Number : 008613923736332
WhatsApp : +8613923736332
Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process optimization
Place of Origin China
Brand Name VEIKONG
Certification CE
Model Number VFD530
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details the power less than 45kw use Carton, starting from 45kw use Wooden case
Delivery Time 3 days, depend on the order quantity
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 15000pcs per Month
Product Details
Product Name PMSM Inverter Power 10hp/7.5kw
Load Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Keypad LCD+LED+shuttle Keypad
Control Mode Vf/open Loop Vector/ Close Loop Vector Frequency Up To 3000hz
Original China Function Deceleration Over Excitation
Color Dark Blue And White OEM Support
Technical Service Well
High Light

15kw PMSM Inverter


7.5kw PMSM Inverter


11kw VFD Inverter

Product Description

7.5kw 11kw 15kw PMSM Inverter VFD For PMSM Synchronous Motor


Vfd For PMSM Motor Synchronous Motor ac drive 7.5kw 11kw 15kw


VEIKONG  hot selling VFD

VFD500M is high performance vector control mini vfd
VFD500 is high performacne general vfd.
VFD550 is high perfromance special vfd with positional control.
VFD530 is high performance special vfd with lifting function, support 2 PID, support Synchronous and asynchronous motors.
VFD500-PV is solar pump inverter.
VFD510 is IP65 inverter.
VFD530 features:
High performance general purpose ac drive, VFD530
Effortless process automation for a broad range of applications
VEIKONG VFD530 general purpose AC drives simplify your processes and motor control with effortless process automation. The VFD530 is a good choice for a wide range of applications, making it easy to comprehensively manage your plant. The VFD530 is part of VEIKONG ’s all-compatible drives portfolio, sharing the same architecture and user interfaces for easy usability. The VFD530 is plug-in ready to control your compressors, conveyors, mixers, pumps, centrifuges, fans and many other variable and constant torque applications in different industries.
Support IM and PMSM motor
Support different kinds of encoders
Easy to select, install and use
All essential features built into the drive for minimized number of external components
Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process control
Straightforward settings menu and assistants for fast commissioning
Energy efficiency features for optimal energy use
Connect to any automation system or use stand-alone
Wide availability and support
Designed for reliability and consistent high quality
Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process optimization 0
VFD530 control mode:




Control mode

V/f control

Sensorless flux vector control without PG card(SVC)

Sensor speed flux vector control with PG card (VC)

Operating mode

Speed control,Torque control(SVC and VC)

Speed range

1:100 (V/f)

1:200( SVC)

1:1000 (VC)

Speed control accuracy

±0.5% (V/f)

±0.2% (SVC)

±0.02% (VC)

Speed response




frequency range




Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01 Hz

Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.1%

Startup torque




Torque control accuracy

SVC:within 5Hz10%,above 5Hz5%


V/f curve

V / f curve type: straight line, multipoint, power function, V / f separation;

Torque boost support: Automatic torque boost (factory setting), manual torque boost

Frequency giving ramp

Support linear and S curve acceleration and deceleration;

4 groups of acceleration and deceleration time, setting range 0.00s ~ 60000s

DC bus voltage control

Overvoltage stall control: limit the power generation of the motor by adjusting the output frequency to avoid skipping the voltage fault;


Undervoltage stall control: control the power consumption of the motor by adjusting the output frequency to avoid yaw failure


VdcMax Control: Limit the amount of power generated by the motor by adjusting the output frequency to avoid over-voltage trip;

VdcMin control: Control the power consumption of the motor by adjusting the output frequency, to avoid jump undervoltage fault

Carrier frequency

1kHz~12kHz(Varies depending on the type)

Startup method

Direct start (can be superimposed DC brake); speed tracking start

Stop method

Deceleration stop (can be superimposed DC braking); free to stop

Maincontrol function

Jog control, droop control, up to 16-speed operation, dangerous speed avoidance, swing frequency operation, acceleration and deceleration time switching, VF separation, over excitation braking, process PID control, sleep and wake-up function, built-in simple PLC logic, virtual Input and output terminals, built-in delay unit, built-in comparison unit and logic unit, parameter backup and recovery, perfect fault record,fault reset, two groups of motor parametersfreeswitching, software swap output wiring, terminals UP / DOWN





Product series instruction:



VEIKONG VFD application:

Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process optimization 1




VEIKONG VFD replace famous brands

Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process optimization 2




Many built-in control functions for simplified automation and process optimization 3
Synchronous motor control:

17 group synchronous motor control


Initial position identification mode

0:Pulse testing

1: High frequency injection



Initial position identification current




Low speed zone definition

0.1% ~ 60.0%



High frequency injection amplitude

5% ~ 50.0%

For the amplitude of high-frequency signal injection, the larger the set value, the higher the accuracy of position identification, but the greater the noise of the motor. The set value should be as small as possible when the accuracy meets the requirements.



Operation mode in low speed in SVC

0: normal way

1: High frequency injection operation



No load current in low speed in SVC

0.0% ~ 100.0%



No load current in high speed in SVC

0.0% ~ 50.0%



MTPA control



MTPA is the maximum torque current ratio control. Enabling MTPA can reduce the motor current when SVC and VC are running under load.



MTPA control adjust time

The smaller the set value, the faster the MTPA will act, it will cause current oscillation if set value too small


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