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    Tayfun from Turkey
    Veikong solar pump inverter is really in very good quality and we also prepared some promotional products for exhibition. We are going to make new orders soon. Last year there was only one local agent and this year, there are more than 8. Some of them only sell Veikong!
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    Cristian from Chile
    It’s very good! LCD options make it much easier to use. That’s the strong point, easy of use. And robust. Great PC software.
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    Brahim assad from Syria
    VEIKONG VFD500 output frequency is stable when the others are fluctuating. Also output current is less than others, that’s why output frequency is higher too which can save more energy.
Contact Person : Terry
Phone Number : 008613923736332
WhatsApp : +8613923736332
CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive
Place of Origin China
Brand Name VEIKONG
Certification CE
Model Number VFD500-PV
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details the power less than 45kw use Carton, starting from 45kw use Wooden case
Delivery Time 3 days, depend on the order quantity
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 15000pcs per Month
Product Details
Product Name 0.75kw-4kw Solar Pump Inverter Voltage 220v/380v
Type DC/AC Inverters Application Submersible Pump
Feature High Flow Motor AC/PMSM Motor
High Light

4000W Solar Water Pump Controller


4000W Solar Variable Frequency Drive


CE Solar Water Pump Controller

Product Description

Mppt 0.75kw-160kw solar vfd solar pump inverter for ac pump PMSM pump


With the price of solar panels dropping over the last couple of years, plus government subsidies for using solar power systems,

solar power adoption will become more popular and available for all.

Veikong's solar pumping solution offers high reliability and efficiency in a compact design and simple structure.

Weighing both productivity and eco-friendliness, Veikong's solution provides a practical alternative for energy-intensive farming in places where power infrastructure deployment is challenging. Veikong is dedicated to providing innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow




Key Advantages:


1, The power range is from 220V 0.75kw to75kw, and 380v 0.75kw to 160kw


1, MPPT 99%, adjust the output frequency to the appropriate frequency in real-time.


2, Adjust water outflow of pumps quickly on basis of sunlight intensity change.


3, Light weak protection, dry run and low voltage,full water warning, overvoltage and overtemperature protection.


4, New keyboard design, support optional LCD keypad, simple appearance, and easy operation.


5, Automatic running without any commisioning in keypad control and GPRS monitoring option(as option).


6, Support AC pump and PMSM pump.


CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive 0

Support optional LCD keypad

CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive 1


Support optional GPRS Module

CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive 2

Product application pictures
CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive 3CE High Flow 4000W Solar Water Pump Controller Solar Variable Frequency Drive 4


Solar pump special parameter User mode fast quick start


Function code Name Description Default Property
47 Group solar pumping special group
P00.03 RESET


11:Restore default parameter except for motor parameter and auto-tune related parameter and factory parameter

12:Restore default to factory parameter 13:Clear tripping record

P00.06 Source of the Operation Command




Ø Command source: run,stop,forward,reverse,jog,fast brake stop.etc

P00.07 Numeric frequency setting 00.00Hz~maximum frequency 50.00Hz
P00.11 Application Macro

00001:Output three phase 50HZ

00002:Output three phase 60hz

00021:Output single phase with capacitor 50hz

00022:Output single phase with capacitor 60hz

00031:Output single phase without capacitor 50hz

00032:Output single phase without capacitor 60hz

P01.06 Maximum frequency 10.00~600.00Hz 50.00Hz
P01.08 Upper limit frequency Lower limit frequency-maximum frequency 50.00Hz
P07.03 Relay 1 Output terminal function group(T1A T1B T1C)

0:No function



3:Error1(stop fault)

4:Error2(same as Error1 except undervoltage)

5:Warning output(fault but in running)

P11.01 AC asynchronous motor TYPE

0:Three phase AC asynchronous motor

1:Single phase AC asynchronous motor without starting capacitor

P11.02 Motor rated power


Ø when power is less than 1kw ,0.75kw set to 0.8 as per round up principle ,0.55kw motor set 0.6

Ø when change motor rated power,AC drive will automatically set other parameter of motor name plate and motor model parameter be careful to use

P11.03 Motor rated voltage 10V~2000V Depend
P11.04 Motor rated current



P11.05 Motor rated frequency 1.00Hz~600.00Hz 50.00Hz
P11.06 Motor rated RPM 1~60000rpm Depend
P21.00 Monitoring display

0:Standard mode (display frequency only)

1:Automatic scrolling display(Check 3.1 in detail )it show hz,current,power and voltage

P23.15 Output phase loss function 0.0-30%, 0% means output phase detections shielded 30%
r27.15 Accumulative running time




P47.00 Solar pump Mppt function enable

0: invalid

The parameters behind the 47 group cannot be changed!

1: Enable, to enable the special mppt function of the PV pump inverter





Solar pump control mode


Units digit’s: Startup mode

0: Manual start, the start mode is determined by P00.06;

1: automatic start,

When P00.06 change, the association changes here.

P00.06=0, when inverter starts and stops by keypad control, it is automatically modified to 1-automatic start

P00.06=1, when inverter starts and stops by terminal control.it is automatically changed to 0-manual start

Ten digit’s: MPPT function

0: MPPT is disabled; CVT control is used (voltage is given as P47.04).

1: Enable MPPT.

Hundred’s unit automatic switching function

0: prohibited

1: enable

Automatic switching is enabled, when the light is weak, it will automatically switch to the electric supply, and the MPPT function is disabled at this time.

P47.03 Automatic start timing In auto start mode, set the time from power on to start. It is also waiting time to start 600
P47.04 MPPT starting voltage

Set the starting voltage of the MPPT algorithm.

When the MPPT function is disabled, this value is the reference voltage.

P47.05 Light detection threshold

If the output frequency is lower than this value and exceeds P47.06, it will be reported to Sleep and stop

If automatic switching is enabled, it will switch to ac grid operation, and the MPPT function will be disabled

P47.06 Light detection time See P47.05 for explanation. 60s
P47.07 Light weak wake up time

After the sleep fault is reported, if the time when Vdc is higher than the undervoltage point is greater than the set value, the fault state is exited and the operation continues.

When the automatic switching is enabled, after switching into the electric supply operation for this time, it will try to switch into the photovoltaic operation.

P47.08 MPPT tracking step length The amount of change in the bus voltage during an MPPT cycle. The larger the value, the faster the maximum power point is found, but the lower the accuracy of the maximum power point. 2V
P47.09 Regulator proportional gain 0.001~1.00 It is for immediate response speed, it is not recommended to change 0.05
P47.10 Regulator integral gain 0.001~0.100 tracking response.it is not recommended to change 0.05
P47.28 Starting coefficient 0.000~1.000 0.850
P47.30 Fast speed function

Unit digit:fast starting

0:Disable 1:Enable

Ten digit:Fast mppt tracking

0:Disable 1:Enable

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